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Free Traffic Count Database System Demo


"As a public sector traffic engineer or planner, you need an efficient way to manage traffic count data. MS2's web-based solution is a highly effective way to help you centrally manage and analyze lots of traffic count data."

Tom Bruff, Manager
Southeast Michigan Council of Governments, Michigan
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"In the wake of the 35W bridge collapse, this has become a very handy tool. People who are seeing it for the first time are really impressed. Luckily, we had finished a bunch of counts in the bridge area before it fell down. That has become extremely useful for planning and detouring and adding new lanes. Pass along our thanks to all."

Jim Dahlseid
City of Minneapolis, MN

"This system is nothing short of revolutionary."

Dave Dysard, Deputy Director
Ohio Department of Transportation
(Former Vice President - Transportation
Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Government, OH)

"The TCDS is interactive and allows planners and average users to create reports, maps and do analysis online. When I did the demo online I was amazed at what the TCDS software has to offer."

Robert E. Smith Jr., Transportation Planner
City of Montgomery / Metropolitan Planning Organization, AL

"It saves time on data input, which frees up personnel to do other tasks. The ability to post information on our website is a great benefit, and has considerably reduced time spent responding to requests."

Mike Goryl, Traffic Engineer
Livingston County Road Commission, MI

"I am very pleased with your customer service. That means a lot to me. You are very responsive and helpful. I see a lot of benefits with your product and the best is that we now have more accurate traffic count data."

Laura Carter
Coordinator, Space Coast TPO, FL

"Since the service is web-based, our IT guys were not worried. It's a very easy-to-use and powerful system. What I like best is all my traffic data is available in a secure, central database. I used to have files in different places. This makes data access easy."

Erik Ferguson
Project Engineeer, Martin County, FL

"There's nothing else on the market offering such value."

David Bucheit
Project Manager, Collier County, FL