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Traffic Counts

Vehicle traffic count data is the basic building block of your transportation models and roadway and intersection improvement projects. You demand reliable, accurate, and timely vehicle traffic count data to do your job.

Traffic Counts

Our most popular software module. Every transportation agency, regardless of size, benefits from this cloud-based application that maps, manages and analyzes vehicle volume count data.

Traffic Crash Location System

Traffic Crashes

Managing and accurately locating traffic crash data in one common system allows you to respond to data requests faster and with greater accuracy. Improve your traffic safety data.


Turning Movement Counts

View turning movement diagrams for cars, trucks, pedestrians, and bicycles in one central location for all of your intersection study needs.


Non-Motorized Counts

Use MioVision, TRAFx, Jamar or EcoCounter to collect bicycle or pedestrian data? This application accepts non-motorized data regardless of the file format or device manufacturer.

Vehicle Volume Count Records


MS2 software helps state DOTs with their annual HMPS submittals by managing AADT, K and D Factors, single and combination unit trucks, VMT and vehicle type summaries.


Travel Time/ HERE Data

Access HERE travel time data, including historical average segment speeds by TMC and link, instantly and easily through our strategic partnership.


Traffic Signals

Optimize your traffic signal locations and timing based on current traffic demand.  Import your Synchro timing data in seconds.


Pavement Condition

Your single largest asset is the pavement in your road network.  Managing the cost and condition of your pavements and deciding on the appropriate maintenance options is essential.  We can help.

of Data Storage Managed

Project Management

Analyze and prioritize TIP and RTP projects in one central system.  See the big picture.

Road Sign Management

Road Signs

Streamline your road sign maintenance workflow.  Map, visualize and track sign condition, retroreflectivity and replacement information in one place.


Work Order Tracking

Modernize your legacy work order tracking system.  Track labor and materials costs in one place.


Pavement  Markings

Save money by effectively managing your pavement markings.  Optimize the quality, placement, and maintenance of your pavement markings today.