Non-Motorized Database System

Streets are for more than just motorized vehicles. More and more, people are walking and using bicycles to get to work, to get to school, to exercise and reduce vehicle miles traveled.

Many road agencies are now studying and collecting data on these modes of travel and need an interactive database application like MS2’s Non-Motorized Database System (NMDS) to map, manage and analyze this data.


NMDS allows agencies to import data from various counter manufactures like Eco-Counter and TRAFx.  Manual counts in Excel format can also be directly imported to NMDS.  The application provides the tools necessary to analyze daily and weekly volumes of pedestrians, bicycles, wheelchairs, and other modes of non-motorized travel.  The interactive map allows users to select distinct trails or pathways for analysis.  Features of the module include:

  • Unlimited data storage
  • Central portal accessed by planning staff and members of the public
  • Ability to import data regardless of counter brand
  • Customized reports to fit the agency’s needs
  • Map symbology is customizable
  • Store attributes compliant with FHWA’s Traffic Monitoring Guide
  • Multiple pathways and modes are supported for a single location
  • Accommodates recreational pathways and urban situations