Pavement Marking Management System

Due to their cost-effective safety benefits, a recent emphasis has been placed on the improved quality, placement, and maintenance of pavement markings. When added to the large amount of data associated with the inventory of a road network’s pavement markings, it becomes essential to implement an efficient program.


MS2 has developed a Pavement Marking Management System (PMMS) that allows users to collect, review, and analyze data related to pavement markings for both road segments and intersections including:

  • Route identification and description
  • Marking types and materials
  • Marking diagrams
  • Placement history
  • Survey dates
  • Cost components
  • Custom queries and reports

MS2 also provides services to complete a No Passing Zone (NPZ) study. Utilizing an innovative, patent-pending method, the NPZ study evaluates the roadway and roadside features to determine when it is appropriate to have no passing zones. The NPZ study can also accompany a complete pavement marking inventory for data population into the PMMS.