Pavement Marking Management System

Due to their cost-effective safety benefits, a recent emphasis has been placed on the improved quality, placement, and maintenance of pavement markings. When added to the large amount of data associated with the inventory of a road network’s pavement markings, it becomes essential to implement an efficient program.


MS2 has developed a Pavement Marking Management System (PMMS) that allows users to collect, review, and analyze data related to pavement markings for both road segments and intersections including:

  • Route identification and description
  • Marking types and materials
  • Marking diagrams
  • Placement history
  • Survey dates
  • Cost components
  • Custom queries and reports

MS2 also provides services to complete a No Passing Zone (NPZ) study. Utilizing an innovative, patent-pending method, the NPZ study evaluates the roadway and roadside features to determine when it is appropriate to have no passing zones. The NPZ study can also accompany a complete pavement marking inventory for data population into the PMMS.


Proven System

Over 200 state DOTs, metropolitan planning organizations, county road commissions and municipal road agencies are using MS2’s software.

PMMS Project Spotlight