Project Management Database System

Efficiently manage and analyze all of your Regional Transportation Program (RTP) and Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) project data in one central, web-based system via a simple web browser. MS2’s cloud-based Project Management Database System (PMDS) was developed to provide transportation planning agencies with a powerful database for storing, processing and retrieving filtered information related to TIP or RTP project status, amendments and project costs.

The application also locates all point and segment-based transportation projects on an integrated Google map.  The PMDS allows agencies to share data internally or with the public instantaneously.


Quickly Search Projects

Selectively retrieve projects with your specific criteria or by clicking on a location within the GIS map. Create and save custom searches for future use.

Extensive Project Data

Users can easily add projects and edit existing project data. The system can be customized for any data attributes desired. Currently, the system manages extensive project data including, but not limited to the following:

  • Project description, location, and various IDs
  • Lead agency
  • Project status and milestones
  • Project contacts and notes
  • Before and after project details
  • Detailed cost and funding sources by project phase