Road Sign Management System

MS2’s Road Sign Management System (RSMS) provides the capability to warehouse, analyze and report on all traffic sign and signal data. Road sign attributes such as sheeting type, location, condition, color, retro-reflectivity and more are managed in this module.

This powerful software allows the user to map, manage and monitor the history of a sign – from installation to survey and repair to maturity. The RSMS seamlessly integrates with MS2’s WOTS module to help supervisors manage work orders.


Quickly Search Road Signs

Selectively retrieve road signs with your specific criteria or by clicking on a location within the GIS map. Build and save custom searches for use in future searches. View sign records in various formats to facilitate searches.

Satisfy Retroreflectivity Requirements

Regardless of the selected method, the Road Sign Management System (RSMS) provides a key component to assist an agency's efforts in satisfying the new MUTCD requirements for minimum sign retroreflectivity.

Custom Reports

Create your own custom reports to manage all of your sign data. The system is also easily customizable to add any reports required to meet an agency's needs.

Manage Sign Maintenance via integration with MS2's Work Order Tracking System

Users can streamline the management of all sign maintenance activities. Choose from multiple methods to quickly and easily create, track, and close-out sign work orders that automatically populate a sign's maintenance history.

Low Cost

The pure economy of scale makes this web-based solution cost effective. We simultaneously provide many different road agencies with IT expertise at a fraction of the cost that would be required for any one of them to provide similar database services in-house. Software and hardware costs add up, as do the cost for incremental system improvements, full upgrade, and 24/7 administration. With MS2, you can share and thereby reduce these and related costs rather than bearing them alone.