Traffic Crash Location System

This system is Web-based. Manage your traffic crash data with ease. Allow access to as many users as desired without any installations or modifications required on your existing system hardware or software.


Quickly Search Crash Records And Locations

Selectively retrieve crash records with your specific criteria or by clicking on a location within the GIS map. Build and save custom searches for use in future searches. View crash records in various formats to facilitate records search.

Extensive Standard And Custom Reports

Several standard reports are readily available to analyze various crash statistics rankings, frequency, etc. Users can also create custom reports to meet specific needs. If available, the actual police crash reports can be linked to each crash for additional crash information including valuable crash sketches.


Collision Maps And Diagrams

Easily create collision maps and diagrams for graphical representations of crash data to help identify crash patterns or use as visual aids in presentations or meetings with stakeholders.