Traffic Signal Management System

Traffic signal hardware is constantly evolving, but the goals of traffic signal management remain constant—ensure progression along arterial roads, and optimize individual signal locations based on current traffic demand.

Optimized timings also reduce fuel consumption and vehicle emissions, resulting in improved air quality. Nationally, comprehensive signal retiming programs have documented benefits of a 7-13% reduction in overall travel times, 15-37% reduction in delays, and a 6-9% fuel savings.


MS2’s web-based Traffic Signal Management System (TSMS) allows users to quickly select any intersection within their system and display a complete range of detailed information including:

  • Signal description, ID, and jurisdiction
  • Complete signal hardware inventory
  • Existing and historical timing plans
  • Traffic simulation models
  • Photos from every approach
  • Intersection geometry
  • Full functionality of the Turning Movement Count module

The TSMS helps save public resources by facilitating efficient management of traffic signal data and signal timing optimization.

Proven System

Over 200 state DOTs, metropolitan planning organizations, county road commissions and municipal road agencies are using MS2’s software.

TSMS Project Spotlight