Travel Time & HERE Data

MS2’s Travel Time Database System (TTDS) supports traffic engineers and planners with congestion management planning and the evaluation of heavily congested roadways. Through a strategic partnership with HERE, the system accesses historic speed data to map with current data for calculating statistics like TTI, reliability index, average speed and more.

TTDS can also assist DOTs in compliance with the February 2018 FHWA HPMS Field Manual Supplemental Guidance – Travel Time Metric Data Reporting Requirements and Specifications rules. MS2 imports the National Performance Management Research Data Set (NPMRDS) National Highway System travel time data into the TTDS. We have added tools to the TTDS which allow the DOTs to do the following:

  • Report NPMRDS data with the HPMS traffic segments provided by the DOT
  • Compute Travel Time Metrics
  • Create Travel Time Metric and Related Data submittals

An export feature in TTDS allows DOTs to submit the necessary travel time performance measurement statistics to the FHWA with their annual HPMS submittal.

Agencies may use this information to design strategies to improve traffic flow or investigate alternate routes to relieve congestion along corridors. Agencies can share data internally or with the public instantaneously and the integration of a GIS map allows users to visualize congested segments of roadways.


User Specified Study Corridors

Users can quickly and easily define and edit study corridors including the desired segmentation for any time period within an agency’s network that has existing travel time data.  The system provides the following for each corridor:

  • Corridor description and general attributes (speed limit, traffic volume, etc.)
  • Corridor control/segmentation points (e.g. intersections)
  • Calculated travel time statistics
  • Speed profiles and travel time-space trajectories
  • Operation and environmental statistics
  • Dynamic GIS layers displayed on the Google Maps component illustrating a number of statistics including Average Speed, Travel Time Index (TTI), and Stop Delay

Import Your Data

Easily import raw GPS data files from historical and on-going data collection efforts. The system also provides for the import of commercial data from vendors such as INRIX and TomTom.

HERE Speed Data Built-in

Access HERE historic speed data instantly through the strategic partnership between HERE and MS2.

Quickly Search Data

Selectively retrieve study corridors with your specific criteria or by clicking on a location within the GIS map. Create and save custom study periods for future use.


Extensive Reports and Graphs

Several reports, graphs, and GIS layers are readily available to analyze various travel time data at the spot (micro-segment typically about 150 feet in length), segment, corridor, and network levels. Users can also quickly compare data and statistics to previous studies or different locations and time periods. The system is easily customizable to provide additional reports to meet any of your agency’s needs.

Low Cost

The pure economy of scale makes this web-based solution cost effective. We simultaneously provide many different road agencies with IT expertise at a fraction of the cost that would be required for any one of them to provide similar database services in-house. Software and hardware costs add up, as do the cost for incremental system improvements, full upgrade, and 24/7 administration. With MS2, you can share and thereby reduce these and related costs rather than bearing them alone.