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Traffic Count Database System


Manage your traffic count data with ease. Allow agencies to share data internally or with the public instantaneously. There is no change required on your existing system hardware or software.

Link to Traffic Counter Software

Traffic count data -- including data from Peek 241, ADR, JAMAR, ITC, Nu-Metric, TimeMark, Diamond, HiStar, Wavetronix, and ECM -- can be directly transferred to TCDS for reviewing, validating, editing, and processing. The flexibility of the TCDS allows for customizations to accept data from virtually any make of equipment or software.

Rigorous QA/QC Functions

Detect missing data, compare current counts to historic counts and AADTs, and reject duplicate counts.

Quickly Find Traffic Counts and Locations

Selectively retrieve traffic count data with your specific criteria or by clicking on a location within the GIS map.

Custom Forms and Reports

Manage Volume, Speed, Classification, WIM, Gap and AADT data. Create your own custom reports to manage and analyze traffic count and location data. Produce FHWA reports to generate 3-Card, S-Card, C-Card, and W-Card submittals.

Import Your Data

All historic files from any traffic counter can be batch-imported directly to TCDS automatically without manual key-punching.

Proven System

Over 140 state DOTs, metropolitan planning organizations, county road commissions, and municipal road agencies are using the system.

Active System Spotlight:

Low Cost

The pure economy of scale makes this web-based solution cost effective. We simultaneously provide many different road agencies with IT expertise at a fraction of the cost that would be required for any one of them to provide similar database services in-house. Software and hardware costs add up, as do the cost for incremental system improvements, full upgrade, and 24/7 administration. With MS2, you can share and thereby reduce these and related costs rather than bearing them alone, and everyone subscribed to the service benefits.