3 Billion and Counting

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

When you think of a billion, what does that mean to you? How long would it take to accumulate a billion dollars, a billion travel miles, or a billion medical records?

Since MS2 deals with traffic data, we value volume, speed, class, WIM and other counts. MS2 accomplished another robust data management achievement late last month: 3 billion individual WIM vehicle records stored in our database. This milestone continues to demonstrate our leadership in transportation data management software and you can trust us because we have experience to support large and small transportation agencies.

One of the resources used by MS2 to manage its data storage flexibility is Amazon Web Services servers. As we add more clients, the need for data storage grows and AWS has been a great resource to help us achieve growth. With a mere “flip of a switch” MS2 IT staff can scale up our AWS subscription and easily handle any new data storage requirements.

Whether we are processing WIM per vehicle data, segment volume count data and vehicle classification data the bandwidth of AWS helps us expand our services so we can help our clients be more efficient.

Whenever we achieve a milestone, like three billion WIM vehicles in our database, we eat cake! Please send more WIM data. Like cake, we can manage it.