Autopolling Traffic Data

Friday, April 7, 2017

One of MS2's newest software features is an Autopolling extension to our Traffic Count Database System.  Autopolling allows MS2's software to automatically connect to field devices (continuous counters, ITS, intersection cabinets, etc.), download data, and import data.  This means you spend less time running and monitoring complex vendor-specific software for each device.

Depending on the device’s capabilities, the Autopolling extension supports two modes of operation:

Continuous Connect:  The continuous connect option is appropriate for devices without on-board storage and has the added benefit of supporting real-time traffic analytics.
Daily Download:  The daily download option is preferred for devices that provide storage options since connectivity interruptions can be handled without data loss.

MS2's Autopolling extension can be customized to support virtually any device.  The Auto-Polling extension can import any count data supported by the software including vehicle volume, vehicle classification, speed, and turning movement count.

Devices must support TCP/IP communication on the Internet or on the agency’s private network.

Give us a call at 734-995-0200 or send an email to to find out how MS2 can import vehicle volume data from your ITS and other traffic data collection devices.

Autopolling Speed Graph (Data resolution: 1 minute)
Real-time comparison of today's traffic to historic data (Data resolution: 1 minute)
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