ICYMI - Travel Time Metric Data Reporting Requirements & Specifications

Monday, February 12, 2018

We received this email from FHWA last week and wanted to pass it along.

The third national performance measure regulation on the National Performance Management Measures requires State DOT to report performance metric data for travel time based national performance measures to Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS).  More specifically, 23 CFR 490.511(e), 23 CFR 490.611(b) & 23 CFR 490.711(f) require State DOT to submit performance metric and related data to HPMS for the following travel time-based national performance measures by June 15, 2018 and annually thereafter:

To ensure the State DOTs are prepared for the implementation of the travel-time-based national performance measures, FHWA have posted a document titled “Travel Time Metric Data Reporting Requirements & Specifications (February 2018)” - https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/tpm/guidance/pm3_hpms.pdf. This document serves as supplemental guidance to the HPMS Field Manual (December 2016 version) and provides information on how State DOTs must submit annual performance metric and related data via the HPMS that comports with the reporting requirements and specifications of 23 CFR 490.511(e), 23 CFR 490.611(b) & 23 CFR 490.711(f).

The posted document is for State DOT reporting performance metric data, which is different from performance measure and target. Metric is defined in 23 CFR 490.101 as “a quantifiable indicator of performance or condition” and pertains to “segment-level” performance indicator whereas measure and target pertain to “network-level” quantifiable level of performance or condition.  Please note that only the metric data is required to be reported to HPMS by State DOTs.  State DOT measure/target reporting must be done via State Biennial Performance Reports specified in 23 CFR 490.107

For more information about Transportation Performance Management, including an implementation timeline and FAQs, please visit the TPM website.


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