Is My MS2 Application Being Used?

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Many agencies using MS2’s software open the application to the public. This benefits the public since they no longer have to contact the agencies for local traffic count data. And public access means agency staff can use their time more efficiently instead of having to answer traffic count data questions from the public.

But is your MS2 application actually being used? Is your manager asking you if MS2 is popular? An objective answer is just a few clicks away.

An area in the Admin section of our TCDS application includes website “Monthly Web Hits” and “Daily Web Hits”. You can go there to see up-to-date usage data. The raw “hit” data is also available. Every single page that gets hit by any person counts as a hit. If the same person hits the search page five times in the same day, that’s five hits. The data we record are not “unique” hits, just totals.

Examples of the two reports are shown below from TXDOT, our largest client by collection locations.

  1. Open the application and login
  2. Go to Admin
  3. Go to the General tab
  4. Go to Other Tools – Web Usage Report
  5. Click on the link – web server access logs

enter image description here
enter image description here