MS2 Adds New Clients and New Staff

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

It’s been a successful summer for Midwestern Software Solutions. We added four more new state Department of Transportation clients within a span of five months. After receiving the go ahead from the Washington State DOT in June, MS2 will begin doing business with Florida, Tennessee and Puerto Rico. All of these new clients will be using our cloud-based Transportation Data Management System (TDMS) to improve the way they map, manage, report and analyze state-wide traffic data. MS2 now serves twenty-three state DOT’s.

The Florida Department of Transportation selected MS2 to provide for a new TDMS in May. The new TDMS replaces the system used by FDOT, called Traffic Polling and Analysis System. This was an application designed in the early 2000’s and operated within a UNIX/Oracle environment. The new TDMS consists of MS2’s Traffic Count Database System with the Autopolling Extension, Highway Performance Monitoring System and our Non-Motorized Database System for managing and analyzing pedestrian and bicycle data.

In July, the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) awarded MS2 a contract to meet the State’s needs for a new Transportation Data Management System called the Tennessee Traffic Information Management and Evaluation System (TN-TIMES). TDOT was seeking a new software solution for data polling, processing and storage, reporting and analysis of TDOT’s continuous and short-term traffic monitoring station counts. The new TN-TIMES replaces the current traffic data management system. MS2’s software deliverable to TDOT consists of two modules: Traffic Count Database System and Highway Performance Management System.

We are pleased with our success and have ramped up our staff to maintain a high level of service. MS2 now has a staff of twenty-five employees at our new offices in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We look forward to expanding our successful business relationships with additional state DOTs as their needs arise. With new clients come new employees.

MS2 staff on September 4, 2019