MS2 Makes Traffic Count Data Reporting Easy

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A key interest of traffic engineers is how to efficiently export traffic count data and create reports once the data has been collected.  Since there are many different needs and uses for traffic count data, MS2’s traffic count database system (TCDS) makes it easy for engineers and planners to create reports easily and efficiently.

Once a user logs into the application, a “Report Center” button appears above the numeric record indicator.

Logged-in users benefit from MS2's Report Center
Logged-in users benefit from MS2's Report Center

By clicking this button the user is presented with choices of twelve report categories.

MS2 offers 12 reporting categories
MS2 offers 12 reporting categories

Traffic engineers and transportation planners have numerous needs for traffic count data.  MS2 makes it easy to export data from the TCDS.  When time is of the essence and a traffic count data graph or report must be created accurately and well-formatted, there is no substitute for MS2’s traffic count database system.

For more information please contact Lev Wood at (734-995-0200 or .

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