MS2’s New Traffic Dashboard Draws National Media Attention

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Major media outlets and state Departments of Transportation from around the country have picked up on MS2’s new Traffic Dashboard application. Developed in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, the application illustrates the daily traffic volume change as compared to the same day of the week in the same month for the most recent year data available on many state road networks.

The MS2 Traffic Dashboard has proved valuable to state DOTs and local traffic engineers as they seek a data-driven approach to analyze the effect of the virus on traffic volumes along state and local traffic networks; and national media and state Departments of Transportation have noticed.

Some of the feedback we have received:

• “This is gold! Love it.” - Engineer from the Florida DOT

• “Thank you for the wonderful Traffic Count Database System! It is enabling me to answer urgent questions from important people in a timely manner with solid data.” - Traffic Statistics Supervisor at the Indiana Department of Transportation

• “The volume trends dashboard you have set up is very helpful to us,” – Transportation Supervising Planner from Connecticut DOT

MS2’s Traffic Dashboard is so valuable it is one of the analytic resources shared by AASHTO and ITE with their members.

The Traffic Dashboard has also been featured in television newscasts and publications ranging from the Detroit Free Press to

The Daily Traffic Volume Trends are based on 24/7/365 data from continuous count stations and smart traffic signals installed by many road agencies. Data is updated daily. The data is collected by either MS2’s Autopolling Extension software every day, or transmitted to MS2 nearly every day by the agencies themselves. Users can click the colored states on the application’s map to see traffic trends, both nationally and in their state, for the last 30 days. Coronavirus related shutdowns and restrictions have caused rapid and dramatic changes in vehicle traffic volumes on the nation’s road network. MS2 will continue to support our traffic data monitoring clients in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic through timely information and software for monitoring the impacts and effectiveness of various initiatives.

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