Multi-legged Intersection Diagrams Now Available from MS2

Friday, April 5, 2019

MS2’s Turning Movement Count (TMC) module was one of the first in our Transportation Data Management System (TDMS) suite of software modules. The TMC module imports intersection turning movement counts collected either by hand-held devices like Jamar count boards or video-based devices like those from Miovision and other hardware manufacturers. Users collect the data and then import the data into the software via the internet.

Until now, the TMC module created 4-legged rectangular intersection peak hour diagrams regardless of the intersection design.

enter image description here

Traditional 4-legged intersection diagram created by MS2's TMC module

Recent upgrades to the TMC module allows users to create more dimensionally-accurate intersections including those with more or less than four legs. Do you collect turning movements at roundabouts? MS2’s software creates roundabout diagrams.
enter image description here enter image description here

Examples of more dimensionally accurate intersection diagrams created by MS2’s TMC module

Main features of the TMC application include:
• Intersection description, ID, and jurisdiction
• Intersection geometry and photos
• Raw count file upload
• Peak hour calculation for intersection or corridor
• Comprehensive reporting and intersection diagrams
• Export of cars, cars and trucks and cars plus trucks data and intersection diagrams

MS2 uses Google Maps as the background map to show the signalized and non-signalized intersections. Users click on each intersection to obtain the most recent turning movement counts.

Contact us at 734-995-0200 or for more information on MS2’s Turning Movement Count software.