New Roundabout Study Shows Social Cost Reductions of Vehicle Crashes

Friday, October 7, 2016

Crash Data for Washtenaw County, Michigan Roundabouts Were Studied

A new engineering study done on intersection roundabouts in Washtenaw County, Michigan shows their impact in reducing the social costs of vehicle crashes. A senior traffic engineer at MS2 in Ann Arbor, concluded that roundabouts reduce the number of fatal and serious injury crashes where they are used in the County.

Using vehicle crash analysis software developed by MS2, the study evaluates the “before and after” crash experiences at ten intersections in the cities of Saline, Ann Arbor and surrounding townships constructed between 2003 and 2015. Each of the roundabout intersections was evaluated individually with specific interest focused on crash frequency, injuries and costs.

The severity of crashes at these ten intersections was reduced by 7.06 %. Critical injury crashes (Injury A) were completely eliminated at roundabout intersections. The number of Injury B crashes (major injuries) were reduced by 50.34% and Injury C (minor injuries) crashes were reduced by 53.21%. The study shows that the cost per crash at roundabout intersections, when compared to signalized or stop sign controlled intersections, fell by 59.75%.

“Roundabouts deployed in Washtenaw County reduce crash severity and reduce the overall social costs of car crashes at these intersections,” says Jim Valenta, PE, Senior Traffic Engineer at MS2 and the study’s author.

While they may take the motoring public a while to figure out how to negotiate them, roundabouts appear to have a solid future when it comes to intersection design in Washtenaw County. This study further proves that roundabouts are a realistic design alternative to help ensure a safer future at County intersections.

To download the study, click below:

Traffic Crash Impacts Relating To Modern Roundabout Intersections – Oct 2016

Traffic Crash Impacts Relating To Modern Roundabout Intersections – Oct 2016

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