Road Sign Database Software for Inventory Planning

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The June 2014 date for compliance with the FHWA road sign regulations is quickly approaching.  By that time agencies need to select a sign assessment and management method to maintain minimum levels of road sign retroreflectivity.  MS2 offers cities and counties an easy-to-use database system that allows agencies to manage retroreflectivity data as well as map, manage and inventory all their road signs.

MS2 is expert in the design and hosting of cloud-based transportation data management software.  One road sign management system is designed to manage, map and inventory road sign data.  Using this software, an agency can keep track of the age of their road signs and replace signs that have reached their expected life or to replace signs in a “blanket replacement” approach.    Regardless of the method an agency choses to manage and assess the retroreflectivity of a road sign, the MS2 software allows the user to customize sign data attributes, map the signs on a Google map and to create budgets and planning documents.

The MS2 software is an easy to use web-based tool to assist cities and counties with the planning of sign maintenance and creating realistic data-driven budgets.

Map your road signs: Screen shot of MS2’s road sign mapping service.
Map your road signs: Screen shot of MS2’s road sign mapping service.

For more information on MS2's software systems, please contact Lev Wood at (734-995-0200 or .

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