Seasonal and Axle Factors Update

Monday, November 19, 2018

From time to time, MS2 updates features of our software to assist DOTs with data analysis and reporting. You may have noticed a change to the way the TCDS handles Seasonal and Axle Factors.

enter image description here

MS2 recently completed upgrades to these two factor types so they now behave the same as all of the rest of our factors. In the last few years we have added new types of factors and this recent upgrade brings our older factors into the same framework. Now all factors are stored in the same tables and can have the same features working on each of them.

This includes the ability to use our new Factor Group Clustering interface to help make decisions on which station’s data patterns might be outliers and which should contribute to the factors of a group in a given year. It also allows DOTs to change which group a particular station belongs to in each year and store that choice through time historically.

This upgrade changes several steps in the Year End Process and adds a few different tools to the system. The Year End Process Guide will be updated accordingly.

Please contact Ben, BJ or Lev if you would like to have a webinar to discuss these software improvements.

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