Software to Manage NPMRDS Travel Time Data

Friday, October 14, 2016

Having trouble managing and analyzing your free FHWA NHS probe data?

You receive monthly travel time data under the FHWA’s National Performance Management Research Data Set (NPMRDS) program. But the files are large and complex making it difficult to map, manage and analyze the data into meaningful performance measures.

MS2’s Travel Time Database System imports your monthly 5-minute NPMRDS data and allows you to map and analyze the data the way you need to. Our software creates maps, graphs and key performance statistics like:  Average Speed, Travel Time Index and Free Flow Speed.

The most innovative features of MS2's software include:

  1. Import NPMRDS travel time data
  2. GPS-grade road network GIS layer
  3. Web-based application so you save your computer resources
  4. Hybrid set-up of Google Maps and ArcGIS Server
With MS2's software you can: select various times, days of the week, month and year for custom travel time analysis; create custom corridors for analysis; analyze traffic patterns on roads within you’re agency; export summary statistics to use in your congestion management plans; and, create spreadsheets and pdf’s of the reports and data and publish them to your website. 

Eliminate the frustration of managing complex travel time datasets and call MS2 today at 734.904.0868

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