Transportation Agencies Share Vehicle Volume Data with the Public

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Vehicle volume count data is a critical component of many professional studies.  Realtors need vehicle volume counts for their clients as that data indicates whether a new commercial site will be seen by potential customers.   And traffic consultants and planners need updated vehicle volume count data to verify and calibrate complex traffic models.

Until now, obtaining updated traffic count data meant calling the city traffic engineer or regional planning commission for the data - and then waiting for a response.  Now, users of MS2's traffic count database system can add a hyperlink to their agency’s website allowing interested visitors to obtain all the data they need – and eliminate the phone calls from members of the public.

Sharing data within the city traffic engineer's office or the regional planning agency is made easy if the agency adds a hyperlink to the MS2 database on their website.  Here’s an example:

Greater Buffalo-Niagara RTC website showing a link to their traffic count database
Greater Buffalo-Niagara RTC website showing a link to their traffic count database

MS2’s traffic count database system is cloud-based.  That means access to data and sharing of data is vastly improved.

As public traffic and transportation agencies cut staff due to tight budgets response times to data requests get longer.  Traffic and transportation agencies using MS2’s traffic count database system offer a solution to this problem while providing data users with an effective tool to map and analyze traffic vehicle count data.

Contact Lev Wood at 734.904.0868 or for more information.

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