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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A traffic engineer’s ability to solve future traffic congestion problems depends on the analysis of historic congestion on selected roadways.  An engineer needs a robust data set and solid analytical tools to understand past congestion trends and to create solutions to existing congestion problems.  MS2's cloud-based travel time database system helps engineers do just that.

“This is a powerful cloud-based analytical tool that processes travel time data and visually presents travel times on a Google/ArcGIS map,” said Ben Chen, PE, principal of MS2.  “With new MAP-21 performance measures being developed by FHWA our tool allows users to measure local or regional planning time index, travel time index and average speed,” Chen said.

Data: Either Probe or Commercially Available

MS2’s cloud-based database system imports commercially available travel time data from firms like INRIX or HERE.  An agency’s self-collected probe data can also be imported into the system.  The system then allows the user to choose the analytical parameters – year, month, and day of the week or any hour or time slot during the day. Next, the tool compiles and processes the data to be presented on the map in familiar red, yellow and green colors for selected roadway segments called Traffic Message Channels (TMC).  The user can also choose TMCs from the map and create a corridor to analyze.  The system will graph the data and allows the user to export the entire data set into Excel or other transportation modeling software.

A screen shot of MS2’s travel time database system

A screen shot of MS2’s travel time database system.

 Cloud-based Software

One of the chief benefits of MS2’s system is it is a cloud-based application.  The application and the data are stored in the Amazon cloud and is accessible to any licensed user 24/7.  “Use of the Amazon service has increased the speed and efficiency of the tool,” said Chen.   The Amazon brand enhances a user’s confidence in the security of the data.  The fact that the MS2 system does not touch the user’s computer network for storage or analysis of the data are benefits IT professionals have come to look for in advanced analytical software.

ITS professionals today are tasked with solving many complex transportation problems.  Traffic congestion of roadways in cities, counties, and regions through the United States and around the world has become a particularly visible, expensive and complex problem to solve.  With MS2’s cloud-based travel time database system, traffic engineers and transportation planners have a robust tool that allows them to quickly visualize and analyze traffic congestion patterns. Adoption of MS2’s software and tools like these will allow ITS professionals to more quickly propose congestion management plans, wherever they may be operating from.

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