WSDOT joins MS2 as its 19th State DOT

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

The Washington State Department of Transportation has awarded MS2 a contract to provide for a new state-wide Transportation Data Management System. With this contract, Washington State becomes MS2's 19th State DOT client. The contract, based upon the RFQQ titled “Cloud Services for the Retrieval, Processing, Storage and Reporting of Roadway Usage Data,” was awarded in early June 2019. The state will use MS2’s Traffic Count Database System with the Autopolling extension, the Turning Movement Count module and the Highway Performance Management System module to map, manage and analyze statewide traffic data.

The Washington State Department of Transportation’s Travel Data, GIS and Modeling Office is charged with collecting, processing, storing and disseminating usage data for the state’s highway system. The Office maintains 163 permanent traffic recorders, captures data from 15 additional intelligent transportation system recorders and performs approximately 1700 short duration traffic counts per year. Prior to contracting with MS2, the state integrated all these data sources with various internal and external legacy applications.