Highway Performance Monitoring System


The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) requires all state transportation agencies to submit traffic statistics annually as part of the National Highway Performance Monitoring System program.

MS2 Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) module allows DOTs to prepare these data submissions to FHWA with confidence and ease. Upon completion of the annual traffic statistics for all count stations within MS2 Traffic Count Database System, the stations can be linked to the road network segments provided by the GIS group at a DOT. The linkage is managed via MS2’s HPMS module.

Estimation routines in the cloud-based HPMS module can be used to report AADT, D-factor, K-factor, and other traffic monitoring statistics for the entire road network.

Why MS2?

See what makes MS2 an industry leader

An efficient system for accurate annual submittal of HPMS traffic statistics

User friendly interface for data update, retrieval, reporting, and sharing

Interactive maps for data visualization and spatial analysis

Product Features

Here are some of the many features available

  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Multi-level user access
  • Database management
  • Hybrid of Google maps and ArcGIS server
  • Multiple file import options
  • Multiple report options
  • Analytical reports
  • Customized report options
  • Multiple data export options
  • Road Network segmentation management
  • Spatial editing of HPMS segments (e.g., Volume or Functional Class)
  • Assignment of count station to road segments
  • Network VMT calculation
  • FHWA HPMS traffic reporting
  • Integration with TCDS
  • Estimating of HPMS traffic statistics for segments without actual Traffic Count data

System Screenshots