Publication Database


MS2 Publication Database extension provides easy access to agency data with daily updates and customizable features – without having to host the data within the agency’s data center.

Data Access Our Publication Database is a read-only copy of MS2’s production database containing the agency’s data that is automatically updated nightly. This allows analysts at the agency to access traffic data the day after it’s processed by MS2 systems.

Integration Using Microsoft SQL Server, our Publication Database works with powerful tools that use Microsoft SQL including, but not limited to, PowerBI, Tableau, Amazon QuickSight, Crystal Reports, Domo, Microsoft Excel, and Qlik. Analysts can create new reports and tools and combine them with data from other sources as needed.

Why MS2?

See what makes MS2 an industry leader

Read-only production database, automatically updated nightly, with next-day access

Compatible with any tool that works with Microsoft SQL Server, including popular business intelligence tools

Secure access to agency data hosted in Amazon Web Services data center

Product Features

Here are some of the many features available

  • Access to data without the cost and effort of hosting it within the agency’s data center
  • Automatic data updates require no labor
  • Create new reports and analysis based on the data the agency wishes to store

System Screenshots