Traffic Count

Traffic Count Database System (TCDS)

MS2’s Traffic Count Database System (TCDS) is a powerful cloud-based software solution that allows traffic engineers to map, manage and analyze vehicle traffic count data. Agencies can share data internally, but can also provide a public facing view of vetted data sets. Over 200 reports and graphs display up-to-the minute metrics to support and guide agency decisions.

The TCDS maps WIM, short count and permanent count stations on an interactive Google map. Short count and permanent count datasets accepted through this solution include: Traffic Volume, Speed, Vehicle Classification, WIM and Gap.

The TCDS imports raw count data from equipment manufacturers such as: Diamond, HiStar, JAMAR, Miovision, Peek, Wavetronix and more. The system is designed to assist state DOTs with monthly FHWA TMAS reporting as well as year-end HPMS submittals.

Why MS2?

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Automated Quality Control (QC) improves data imports without using staff resources to achieve consistent, “good” data

A web based solution that allows for easy sharing of data with the public as well as an agency’s customers

Short term and permanent counts maintained in one location saves on maintenance, resources, and training

Product Features

Here are some of the many features available

  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Database management
  • Multiple file import options
  • Private and public note storage
  • Multi-level user access
  • Multiple report options
  • Customized QC group configurations
  • Automated agency backup API
  • Analytical reports
  • Integrated map layers
  • Customized report options
  • Multiple data export options
  • QC checks on imported data
  • Generation of traffic statistics (AADT, DHV, D-Factor, K-Factor, VMT)
  • Microsoft Access backup
  • FHWA's TMAS QC rules application
  • FHWA TMG exports

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Product Extensions

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ESRI Roads and Highways

Many agencies are looking to ESRI Roads and Highways (R & H) to manage their networks. R & H provides tools to track network changes over time and can provide an agency with a central place to store GIS data. MS2 has worked with ESRI to design an extension to synchronize GIS and traffic data allowing both TDMS and R & H to focus on what they do best.

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The Autopolling Extension allows the Transportation Data Management System (TDMS) to automatically connect to field devices, download data, and import data. This means less time spent running and monitoring complex vendor-specific software for each device. Options include Continuous Connect and Daily Download.

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Count Scheduler

With thousands of traffic counts to perform annually, MS2's Count Scheduler helps an agency manage the workflow. The status of the counts and the teams can be reviewed at a high level view through the dashboard. The system’s flexibility allows an agency to organize the counts based on their business rules. An interactive calendar shows the counts assigned to each team member. A map tool allows staff to review the highly aggregated information for the count from due dates to the equipment necessary to perform the count.

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Field Tool

Field Tool was developed as an extension of the TCDS module to transpose data from the field count equipment into the system and can be accomplished using an online or offline setting. An additional benefit is that it uses GPS coordinates to establish the location of the count equipment. Field Tool also integrates with the Roads and Highways and Count Scheduler extensions to provide greater flexibility in managing data through the system.

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