Turning Movement Count


MS2 Turning Movement Count (TMC) is a cloud-based software module that maps, manages, and analyzes vehicle turning movements at intersections. TMC imports data collected by Miovision, JAMAR, Petra, and other devices.

TMC manages turning movement counts and provides peak hour calculations to optimize traffic signal control. Intersection diagrams provide a visual representation of the turning movements recorded at each approach.

Why MS2?

See what makes MS2 an industry leader

A web based solution that allows agencies to easily share data with the public

Imported data from several counters can be maintained in one location

Quickly search and report on data using a GIS map

Product Features

Here are some of the many features available

  • Automatic calculation of AM, PM and Midday peak hours
  • Data differentiated for various vehicle classifications
  • Ability to export data set to Synchro and other modeling software products
  • Supports collection of roundabout data
  • User defined vehicle class, bike, and pedestrian names
  • ESRI’s Roads & Highways database can be synchronized with TMC to maintain attributes
  • Data export capability to Synchro and other modeling software solutions
  • Integration with MS2 Non-Motorized Database System (NMDS) module to automatically transfer bike and pedestrian data
  • Partial day counts can be expanded to 24-hour counts to be used in the MS2 TCDS module
  • FHWA approved exports
  • Multiple note storage formats

System Screenshots