Michigan Department of Transportation – Nonmotorized Data Collection and Monitoring Program Guide and Implementation Plan

This report by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) projects the state’s initiative to “establish a strategic, coordinated, and efficient approach to collecting and analyzing nonmotorized volume data in Michigan.”

MDOT conducted an online survey to include 25 local and regional organizations and agencies across Michigan about their nonmotorized count data collection efforts. 32 percent reported counting bicyclists and pedestrians with 4 percent counting bicyclists only. The survey results demonstrated a challenge to develop a nonmotorized monitoring program intending to:

  1. Understand and invest in Michigan’s nonmotorized modes of travel
  2. Assist planners and engineers in analyzing bicycle and pedestrian volumes and related crashes

MDOT identifies six goals to define resources, install counters, set data collection and management standards, and establish data metrics and analysis. MDOT uses MS2 Non-Motorized Database System (NMDS) as the data management and analysis solution to support its program objectives.

This report presents the priority measures MDOT considers for building a nonmotorized monitoring program and discusses the agency’s experience using MS2 NMDS for ongoing data collection.

Report Contents

The following content is included in this 45-page report:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 – State of Nonmotorized Monitoring in Michigan
  • Chapter 2 – Michigan Nonmotorized Monitoring Program
  • Chapter 3 – Implementation Plan
  • Appendix A – Data Collection Protocols
  • Appendix B – Michigan Nonmotorized Monitoring Factor Group Framework
  • Appendix C – Supplement to MS2 User Guide
  • Appendix D – Recommended MS2 NMDS Feature Upgrades
  • Appendix E – Recommended MS2 NMDS User Privileges

Click here to download the complete Program Guide and Implementation Plan.