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Economic and Crash Impacts of Traffic Roundabouts: A Real-World Analysis

This report evaluates the before-after crash experiences at twelve intersections in Washtenaw County where modern roundabouts replaced existing intersections. By comparing the crash characteristics with the economic crash cost before and after roundabout construction, MS2 identifies the net benefit or detriment achieved thorough implementing roundabouts.


Analyzing MS2 Traffic Count Database System Data in Your Preferred Tools

The Backup feature in MS2 Traffic Count Database System (TCDS) provides the mechanism for you to download data and analyze it using your preferred analysis tools. In this guide, we show how to use the Backup feature to pull data from TCDS and analyze it using Business Intelligence and analytics tools that are likely on your laptop today.


Industry Resources


FHWA Turbo Roundabouts Report

Turbo roundabouts have many of the same characteristics as modern roundabouts but they use different geometry and traffic control devices. This FHWA report describes the characteristics of turbo roundabouts, highlights the design and traffic control features, their operational capabilities, and their potential safety benefits.


Roundabouts: An Informational Guide, Second Edition

This second edition is considered the authoritative guide on roundabouts. The report includes introductory material and general information suitable for the general public and extensive best practices information for industry professionals.  


Traffic Data Computation Method Pocket Guide

This FHWA report provides succinct computational methods for 48 traffic data items. The audience for this publication is anyone involved in the collection, processing, analysis, utilization, and reporting of traffic data.